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What better way to canada levitra online'>canada levitra online experience the picturesque European countryside’s quaint villages, historic sites and ancient cities than by bike.

Europe is “cycle-friendly” and there are numerous dedicated scenic cycle paths without motor traffic. In one day you can picnic in an olive grove; visit castles and cathedrals; plus marvel at Europe’s natural spectacle of gorges, mountains, stunning coastlines and rows of neat vines that epitomise the countryside. At night enjoy the http://www.igotitcovered.org/?p=online_cialis_prescriptions regional vino and cuisine and stay at comfortable characteristic hotels. The pace is relaxed and you have well- researched cycling notes and http://mapstalgia.com/?p=indian_viagra_generic route maps to take you to the most interesting points on your journey. Luggage is moved between overnight stops and on group guided trips there is a back-up vehicle. There is no age limit. Cycling is low impact so you’re never too old. Some trips are suitable for children.


Electric Bikes

Electric bikes have opened up cycle touring for cyclists of low fitness. Most routes can be tackled with an electric bike and cyclists of all fitness levels can cycle together. CYCLING EUROPE can offer electric bikes for hire on almost 50% of our bike tours throughout Europe. You pedal these bikes as per a normal road bike. When going uphill, just push the button and it will feel like a gentle push from behind. Battery packs are re-charged at night ready for the next day. Average hire cost is look here buy pfizer viagra online between NZ$225 – 275 for a week.




To complement your cycling holidays in Europe, a walking holiday is ideal.

Our guided and independent trips bring you into the very heart of the world’s best walking regions on ancient pathways and mule tracks, some that date back to Roman times.


Our selection includes….. Italy, France, Spain, Portugal, Austria, Eastern Europe, Croatia, Slovenia, Switzerland, Ireland, Greece, Turkey, Morocco, Africa, USA, Central & South America


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