Bike, Boat & Barge Tours


Along The Moselle River By Bike & Barge – Cochem To Metz & Vice Versa

Jewels of the Rhine by Bike & Boat: Koblenz - Worms - Mainz

Castles Of The Rhine – Cologne To Mainz & VV By Bike & Boat

Danube by Bike & Boat - Passau-Vienna-Passau

Bike and cruise on a premium barge between 3 countries: Germany, Luxembourg and France along the Moselle and Saar Rivers. Start from the enchanting old wine village of Cochem and meander along the Moselle. Into Luxembourg. Visit small but famous Schengen in Luxembourg where one of Europe’s most important treaties was signed. Cross into France and cycle through lovely French countryside to Metz with its stunning architecture where your week’s bike and boating comes to an end.

Travel between Koblenz, Worms and Mainz along the river valleys of the Rhine. Beautiful scenery lines the cycle paths along the rivers, interspersed with famous cities, valley slopes with vineyards and picturesque villages. The stretch of cycle path along the left bank of the Rhine between Bingen and Koblenz passes through the Rhineland Massif, which is adorned by castles.

WUNDERBAR! is how the Germans describe the UNESCO World Heritage Middle Rhine with its’ romantic castles dramatically perched atop vine-clad hills, guarding the Rhine River as they have done for centuries. Impressive museums, cathedrals and half timbered houses are features of the many well-known German cities like Bonn, Cologne, Rudesheim and Mainz which you cycle to along the route.

Cycle and sail down the Danube taking in some of the most exciting sections of one of Europes great waterways. Cycle the "Great Loop"; visit the romantic wine area of Austria's Wachau; have a day in Vienna.

Holland Meets Germany: Rotterdam to Cologne by Bike & Barge (NOT AVAILABLE)

The Magical Moselle by Bike & Boat

Germany & France: Mainz to Strasbourg by Bike & Boat

Along The Danube By Bike & Boat - 6 Countries

Passau – Bratislava – Budapest – Belgrade – Iron Gates – Vienna – Passau / 15 Days

Travel between South Holland‘s port city of Rotterdam with its proliferation of art, maritime tradition and futuristic architecture, to Germany’s 2000 year old cathedral town of Cologne spanning the Rhine River. Cycle from quaint Dutch towns and villages to the Lower Rhine region, one of the most beautiful cycle networks in Europe.

The journey through the Moselle valley between Koblenz and Trier, traverses some of Germany’s most beautiful countryside and well known wine region where castles sit atop hills and market squares are surrounded by authentic timbered houses.

Cross the French-German border several times to explore both the French region of the Alsace and the German Black Forest area. Indulge in fine wine and delicious cuisine of these gourmet regions. Along with beautiful churches and romantic castles, visit scenic towns with half-timbered medieval houses like Speyer, Kehl and Strasbourg, nto to forget the magical “Student Prince” town of Heidelberg. Finish this exciting week in Swiss Basel.

Cruise and cycle through Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, Serbia, Croatia and Romania along one of Europe's greatest waterways. the Danube. Discover the breathtaking natural scenery of the 'Iron Gates', one of the most spectacular gorges in Europe and the highlight of this cycling trip as well as 4 European capitals.

Hotel to Hotel Style Tours


The Romantic Road - Independent Cycling

Dresden to Berlin

Moselle River: Trier to Koblenz

Castles & Lakes of Southern Germany

VIA CLAUDIA AUGUSTA I: Almost 2000 years ago this road was built by the Romans; the only imperial state pathway across the Alps. Carts trundled past inns, settlements and graves, which enrich the landscape today as monuments of the past. In some parts, the original road is still visible.

This cycle tour features many of Germany’s highlights, including: The spires, towers, treasures and domes of Dresden... see more.

This biking tour through the lovely Valley of the Moselle River starts in Trier, the oldest town in Germany. Follow the Moselle cycle-path along the river bank, with its numerous picturesque bends, medieval castles and rolling through vineyards in one of Europe’s most picturesque river valleys.

Follow a route through the most beautiful regions of Southern Bavaria where you’ll discover quaint villages set in scenic landscapes of lakes and alps.


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